User maintenance and installation manuals…

Tradaction offers linguistic and professional DTP services to companies operating in the mechanical, industrial automation, processing and packaging sectors, ensuring professionalism and expertise thanks to strategic collaborations with DTP professionals.
Tradaction deals specifically with the translation of user instruction and maintenance manuals, installation manuals, operating guides, technical data sheets, specifications, safety regulations, ISO manuals, projects, plans, catalogues and price lists on behalf of international companies.
Tradaction can also handle all format types: MS Office, Acrobat, Quark Xpress, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Frame Maker, AutoCAD, HTML, etc.
Until a few years ago, the translation of technical manuals into another language was mainly required by large industries. Today, as part and parcel of social change, the request has been extended to most companies that produce automatic machines or machinery in general. In addition, translating a technical manual into the target language of your customer can save time and money, while avoiding tedious complaints and missed payments and can make all the difference in commercial terms.
Tradaction’s ten-year experience in managing the translation of manuals, guides and directories for companies, government agencies and organisations around the world is what guarantees a high standard of quality with specific rates depending on the type of manual to be translated, all the while offering highly accurate and reliable translations.
Companies that intend to create a translation of their multilingual manuals with automatic translators may not know that these systems generate extremely inaccurate, approximate and unprofessional translations.
The Tradaction team can find the right solution according to your needs in terms of specifications and costs. Tradaction offers a translation service for of all kinds of manuals, carried out by specialized personnel equipped with the adequate linguistic and technical knowledge required to determine the correct terminology used in the various product sectors.