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The most important factors for delivering high quality scientific translations are experience, expertise and continuous updating. Scientific translation is a very wide sector that spans from medicine to engineering, chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, physics, psychology, right across to veterinary care. These macro categories are only a small part of the disciplines that fall within the field of scientific translations. Requests for this type of translation in the past mainly concerned Italian-English scientific translations and English-Italian scientific translations, but we have recently experienced a huge increase in scientific translations for Japanese-English and English-Japanese, and a considerable demand for Chinese-English and English-Chinese scientific translations. Despite these examples, Tradaction guarantees scientific translations for all linguistic combinations, from and to any language.
The scientific documents that we translate include: medical and scientific articles – product information brochures – medical records – packaging and labels – pharmaceutical product documentation – illustrative leaflets – scientific instruction inserts – scientific manuals of various kinds – material for conventions – informed consent forms – clinical case report forms – scientific publications – medical reports – medical referrals – market research – scientific research – test results and analysis – scientific websites – clinical studies – general medical texts – scientific treaties
Scientific translations are constantly evolving and even the text or scientific topic may be subject to minor revisions of considerable importance. In fact, many industrial organisations focusing on new markets face various regulatory problems, and this is where scientific translations play a crucial role for the organisation. Being able to communicate and clearly translate a scientific text is very complex indeed, the terminology is specific and the subject areas are extremely delicate. For this reason, it is important to find a language service provider that is highly specialized in scientific translations.
For over 11 years, Tradaction has been providing these types of scientific texts and ensures translations of the highest quality through collaboration with mother-tongue translators specialised in scientific translations. All Tradaction translators have years of experience in the field of scientific translation, each of which can produce certifications proving their ability and expertise in the field of scientific translations.
Tradaction only works with mother-tongue translators who possess solid scientific skills, nurture a great passion for the world of medicine and science in general and who keep up to date on the latest scientific discoveries and innovations.
Our project managers only assign the scientific translation projects of our customers to those among the thousands of freelance translators who collaborate with our agency who meet the requisites. Furthermore, given that terminological precision and scientific rigor are essential characteristics to guarantee the highest quality of medical translation, our translators rely on the external consultancy of professionals specialised in translation and scientific review. The lengthy experience gained in the field means they have a profound knowledge of scientific language and medical jargon used, and, if a translator has any doubt, their participation plays a pivotal role in addressing the problem.
Tradaction has met the scientific translation needs of many companies over the years thanks to the best medical and scientific translators available on the market. Our experience in scientific translation can help any company in the sector develop a solid global presence.
Translation of scientific, medical, pharmaceutical and technological texts requires professional skills, absolute precision and quick delivery times. Our project managers handle scientific translations, while assisting and advising before, during and after the completion of each text. Our quality control system means we produce scientific translations of the highest quality.