Interviews, meetings, calls, conferences...

Tradaction is a one-step solution for all types of transcription. The dedicated and experienced team manages the transcription processes with the utmost professionalism, a feature that has distinguished Tradaction from others in the sector for years. In fact, our goal is to provide a professional service at competitive prices: Tradaction offers uncompromising quality, great accuracy and timely delivery.
Our ability to pay attention to the smallest details, to understand language even in conditions of adversity and our ability to adapt the transcription to the context in which it is to be used are our most notable qualities. In fact, all transcriptions are written by qualified transcriptionists with decades of experience. The transcribed texts are re-verified, re-read and reviewed to guarantee absolute precision.

Tradaction offers two different types of transcription services:

“verbatim” transcription which involves transcribing, converting and unravelling an audio file without any syntactic or textual intervention. In this case, the transcription reproduces every word pronounced by the speaker in written form and preserves all elements of speech such as repetitions, interrupted periods and self-corrections. This means that a verbatim transcript reports the exact same words in the exact same order, without paraphrases, substitutions, removals, abbreviations or corrections that could compromise the meaning. Verbatim transcripts are complex and require experience, professional skills and the support of valid technological outputs.

“top correct grammar” transcription is a transcription submitted to the control and care of a professional who works on the text to make it legible, smooth and adapted to the specific needs of the client. When reading the transcription, pronunciation errors are corrected, elements of speech with no relevance in written form (hesitations, reformulations, interleaves) are removed and the spelling of foreign names or acronyms are checked.

Tradaction performs transcription in different sectors:

– Business transcription: Tradaction’s team takes care of all aspects related to a business transcription, such as interviews, meetings, calls, or focus group conferences.
– Media transcription: as part of transcription and new media, Tradaction performs podcast and webcast transcription, video transcription and transcription from media such as CDs, DVDs, USB keys, cassettes or microcassettes.
– Academic transcription: text-to-text transcription, digital transcription and audio transcription are all part of Tradaction’s academic transcription.
– Legal transcription: Tradaction guarantees maximum security and confidentiality for all legal and investigative transcripts.
– Medical transcription: Tradaction provides specialist medical transcripts to professional clinics and medical practices.