Legal and administrative field

Tradaction’s services in the field of legal translations are aimed at law firms, companies and institutions. Tradaction carries out translations for legal and commercial firms seeking a reliable and expert provider of exclusive linguistic services in the sphere of their activity.
The company’s experience in these types of translations has developed over time and this is what makes Tradaction the ideal reference point for public and private organisations, national and international organisations, accountants, lawyers, businesses and generally anyone who requires translations in the legal or administrative field.
The Tradaction team translates legal texts, rulings, citations, injunctions and legal memoranda to and from any language, focusing on the high quality and competitiveness of its prices.
Tradaction designs and develops translations for law firms in the field of:
– Company Law
– Banking, Financial and Insurance Law
– Commercial Law and Business Contracts
– Civil Law, Non-Profit Institutions and Social Enterprise
– Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law
– Sports Law
– Real Estate
– Labour Law

A legal document drawn up by a foreign jurist, conforming to a different legal system, is difficult to understand because the terminology of a legal sector and its concepts are different from one country to another.
For this reason, it is important for experienced professionals to deal with the translation of these documents using the correct terminology and nomenclature under all circumstances.
The absolute precision and transparency of legal concepts is indispensable when translating for law firms: even a small imprecision of meaning in legal translation can have serious negative effects.
That’s why it’s best to rely on a team with international experience, who knows the terminology of the legal system of the source and target texts.
A separate discussion is that of sworn translations or certifications, which are documents with legal value translated into another language in such a way as to preserve this legal value. The sworn certification of the translation of a document is required both for private documents – certificates, declarations and diplomas – and company documents – legal deeds, contracts and letters of appointment – and, in general, any time the translator is required to provide an official certification that the translated text complies with the original.
In Italy, where the translator must be registered as an Expert and Technical Consultant of the Court and at the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture, sworn translations are assigned a file number by the Office of Sworn Notarial and Expert Instruments of the Magistrate’s Court. Tradaction can provide sworn translations in many languages ​​which can therefore be used in many countries worldwide.