Content and Marketing

Never before has a website translated into several languages ​​been one of the most effective tools to reach international markets. Although English continues to be the main language of international communication, there are many cultural differences that can still lead to a lack of understanding of the message to be transmitted. It has also been proven that a potential customer feels more comfortable reading the presentation of a product or service when translated into their own language.
Many companies, large and small, have begun to understand the advanatages of translating their websites, in part – the main pages, where their international offer is displayed – or in full. Tradaction will take care of the translation of text of graphic elements if you prefer to work on graphic localization internally, or we can take care of the whole process for you with the help of our own webmasters or external desktop publishing experts.
Tradaction creates translations that are not only correct but also current and attentive to the particularities of the local context. In fact, as already mentioned, the translation of websites requires much more than the simple transformation of the text into another language: the entire content of the website must be correctly translated and adapted to the linguistic and cultural context of the target languages, in compliance with the characteristics of the target markets.
Website translation is therefore a key factor within the Internet marketing of companies and, here at Tradaction, we are happy to help professionals develop their potential and compete on an international scale.